I’ve always been interested in apps that facilitate adventures. Things like Geocaching, Ingress, and even Pokémon Go! The idea of these apps is to get you out in the world, searching for something, and who knows what might happen on your search!

Sure, there are other goals, like to battle other teams, get points, or find an actual treasure inside a tree trunk or a pole in a parking lot, but sometimes the coolest things that happen are the random synchronicities along the way. Who knows who you’ll meet, what you’ll see, or how you’ll be inspired on the way!

Randonautica Adventure | Uncustomary

During a pandemic, these apps are actually still fun if you can do it from the safety of your car or with social distancing with a mask!

Most recently, I discovered an app called Randonautica. It basically has the idea of these aforementioned activities and apps, with an added twist of manifesting.

The idea is that as you’re hitting the random button generator to create a coordinate GPS location for you to track down, you are thinking of an intention, something you want to see. It could be something specific like a dragonfly, a planet, or glitter. It could be more general like travel or magic.

Randonautica Adventure | Uncustomary

Once you get to the place, the idea is you’re supposed to explore. Remember that manifesting isn’t all about something showing up on your front door step because you wished for it; you have to put in half the work to meet the universe halfway! So get out, explore, look around, drive down alleys, see what you find!

Randonautica Adventure | Uncustomary

In my first experience with using the app Randonautica, I said that I wanted to manifest money, specifically a “dollar sign”. Want to see how it turned out? Watch the video below!

If you want to download the app, I believe you can use it on Android and iPhone for free. It’s honestly not super intuitive (which is funny for an app with manifesting), but this website will help explain how to use Randonautica!

Randonautica Adventure | Uncustomary

If you use it, let me know! I’d love to know how your adventure goes and if you manifested what your set out to! Remember to be safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, and practice social distancing! That said, life isn’t over and there’s still a world out there to be lived in.

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