Monday night I decided to dedicate each the next 11 days to the Tuesday Elements. For the first day I chose “Random”.

–Random: Not everything has to be for a purpose. Sometimes it is nice to just do what feels good. If everything needed to have a direct link to productiveness, imagine how bleak the world would be. Bits of random can brighten a day, spark an idea, and make someone laugh. Random also breaks up the routine of daily life. Take part in the absurdity of life.

For my Random Day I

+ did stretches in the shower

+ made myself a mix CD based purely on shuffle..
+ and therefore I listened to songs I never would have selected.. and found an awesome bonus track
+ wore my Tuesday shirt
+ put on two different earrings
+ received a box of goodies from Krista (see here) and wore the bunny ears that were provided
+ painted with watercolors
+ watched a member spontaneously burst into solo salsa dancing
+ selected the first four red books I found at the library and assigned them as captions to pre-selected photographs (more later)

Next up: Spirit.