Questions To Ask Before Using CBD Oil For Cats With Anxiety | Uncustomary

CBD products are increasingly becoming popular for humans and pets. Anxiety can change the behavior of cats, and your pet may have physical reactions like trembling, salivation, panting, and increased heart and respiratory rates.

If you are unfamiliar with CBD, you might have many questions about the efficacy and safety of the product in treating a cat’s anxiety. 

Where Is the Hemp Grown?

When you want to use CBD oil for cats anxiety, you need to ensure you buy a quality product. The quality depends on various factors like the hemp source and extraction methods. 

It would help if you looked for a manufacturer who has complete control over their hemp sources. Stay away from imported products with unverifiable hemp sources. 

Organic hemp is the best raw material for CBD oil. Be sure to look for manufacturers who only use organic hemp. Those who do use organic hemp will proudly display it on their website and product labels. 

What Extraction Method Is Used?

Leading manufacturers use supercritical CO2 extraction, which is considered best in the industry. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction uses extremely low temperatures and high-pressure air to extract beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant. 

Low-quality products use cheaper extraction methods like toxic solvent extraction, making CBD products unsafe for humans and pets. 

Is It Full-Spectrum CBD? 

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains multiple cannabis plant extracts like terpenes, essential oil, and beneficial cannabinol. Full-spectrum CBD oil is also incredibly effective in treating a cat’s anxiety.

Some products use isolate extracted using toxic solvents. The isolate-based products are not suitable for humans and pets as the extracted oil is exposed to other chemicals that leach into the CBD molecule. 

Is It Approved by Veterinary Doctors?

Use CBD oil for cats with anxiety only if it’s approved by veterinary doctors. Some manufacturers have an in-house team of veterinary advisors to ensure the product is safe and effective in treating anxiety. 

Leading manufacturers also provide customers with current information and expert medical opinions about products and clinical research. 

Is the Product Tested?

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. Hence, there is always an inherent risk that some trace THC content remains in the final product. The third-party labs check the THC content in the oil and ensure the product has appropriate THC levels.

Is It Free From Ethanol and Butane?

Ethanol and butane are two solvents used in CBD extraction. Ethanol extraction does not produce high-value extracts. It also has a bad reputation in terpenes preservation, and may cause the terpenes profile of the final product to have an off-odor. 

The extract derived from ethanol extraction is used to make distillate or isolate. Though butane extraction gives you high-value extract, the quality of the final product depends a lot on post-extraction refinement. 

The operator has to place the extract in a vacuum oven and use controlled temperature and pressure to remove fine traces of butane from the final product. 

How Much CBD Is in the Product?

The product label should mention exactly how much CBD is contained per ml of the product. The information is helpful to determine the correct dosage for treating your cat’s anxiety.

Is It Safe for Cats?

CBD oil should be safe for cats. The product should mention any side effects that your cat may experience after being given a dose. Some of the common side effects are sleepiness or loose stools that occur rarely.

Will the Cat Get High After CBD Oil Dose?

Most popular CBD oils contain less than 0.3% THC, and your cat will not get high after administering the dose. 

Before administering, check with your vet if you are not able to determine the correct dosage. Start with a smaller dose and gradually increase for better results.