Queer Pride Video: Call For Selfies | Uncustomary

My favorite band, Against Me!, made an entire album called Transgender Dysphoria Blues about the singer’s struggle and transition into identifying as a woman. The album has been a source of comfort for an enormous amount of transpeople, as well as others in the LGBTQ community.

My goal is to create an inspirational video to their song, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”. I want to get as many people as humanly possible (in Baltimore) to form a group and dance, stand together, hold hands, play with rainbow flags and parachutes, etc.

You don’t need to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer to participate. If you are an ally and believe people should have equal rights despite their sexual orientation or what gender they identify as (or none at all), you are welcome.

You can read more information about the event on Facebook. The main reason I’m posting on the blog is to ask you for your help!

Whether or not you’ll be able to come dance with us in person, I would LOVE IT if you sent in a selfie of yourself, exuding your self-expressive glory. I’m going to turn it into a giant collage and use it as a shot in the video. Please e-mail it to me at mary@uncustomary.org by December 17th.

The video will be uploaded to Uncustomary.org and YouTube, and shared with Against Me!. My goal is to bring queer people and allies together. For people to know that despite the potential of our new president’s personal agenda, you are LOVED and you have options and safety.

Please share this with EVERYONE you think might be interested. The more people we can include, the bigger a message it will send.

PS – This is the song we will be using for the video/be dancing to.