Putting Finances At The Heart Of Self-Love | Uncustomary

Around two thirds of Americans have little or no savings, meaning that they are at risk of living in a state of perpetual anxiety. If a sudden $1,000 bill arrived in the mail, 39% of Americans would be unable to pay it. Although shopping can bring some level of happiness to many people, everybody knows that money is not what will ultimately make you happy. However, it will enable you to escape feelings of anxiety, while boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Sound saving and intelligent financing should therefore be at the core of your self-love routine.

Understand Your Relationship To Money

Crates, a Cynic philosopher who gave away his fortune to live a happy life of poverty, said that the aim of life was to open your wallet and be content with whatever was inside. By this, he meant that money itself should have no power over your emotions. While you search for a more profitable way of living, be fully in touch with your relationship to money.

If a sudden bonus at work or scratchcard win brings you joy, you may feel the need to be upset at an unexpected bill or fine. However, it is important to understand that it is not the money that made you happy, but the freedom and control that it gave you. Appreciate cash when you have it, but be sure not to connect your happiness too closely to the material things which it allows you to buy. This will help you to have a healthy relationship with your finances.

Take Ownership Of Your Earnings

After receiving payment of any sort, allow it to give you a self-esteem boost. Doing so will benefit you financially because confident people earn more. It becomes a virtuous cycle. In order to do this, think about what a paycheck represents. It means you are a valuable person in society, which gives you a sense of meaning. This doesn’t have to be for work per se, but could be the result of other actions. Perhaps a company sends you cashback you as part of a customer focused loyalty scheme or you win first prize on a poetry competition. In each case, you have done something which the world deems valuable and been rewarded. Let this fill you with feelings of gratitude and self-worth.

The road to happiness isn’t pathed with dollar bills, but don’t let that cause you to neglect your finances. Keeping a savings account can help you to avoid money-related anxiety so that you can focus on self-love. Maintain a healthy relationship to money, but don’t be afraid to enjoy the feeling of meaning and self-worth which comes from getting paid.