Podcast: Sarah Steckler | Uncustomary Love

For my second podcast, I interviewed self-love coach: Sarah Steckler! It’s really full circle because she actually has an amazing podcast Mindful Productivity Podcast that’s been downloaded 100,000 times, but she didn’t have a podcast when we did this interview almost four years ago!

The day after we recorded this, we met in person for the first time, and she’s moved all over the world since then and escalated her business SO MUCH. I’m so proud of her, and we’ve maintained an online friendship over the years to this day. I’m so grateful for her wisdom, whether it’s on her podcast or in voice memos to me at 6 in the morning telling me about ASMR that saved my insomnia so I can fall asleep!

Listen Now!

Come listen to us talk in this episode about:

  • Self-love and mixing that up with confidence and what self-worth is actually founded on
  • Practicing self-love when you’re moving around a lot (she’s moved so many more times since we recorded this)
  • Who are you at your core/your foundation, and your values can evolve
  • Giving yourself permission to start where you are and take breaks
  • Dips in mental health, depression, and comparing yourself online
  • Acknowledging all of your thoughts (becoming more positive doesn’t mean never being negative)
  • Mindfulness practices and not needing them to be perfect
  • Launching her business and what she’s learned about herself while coaching other women
  • Working with judgment
  • Financial planning

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