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Alternate Title: Denim Backpacks And Tarzan Taps

I am beyond thrilled to bring you this episode with BRAD YATES! (I’m so excited in fact, that I scream a couple times in the interview. Please be warned about listening with headphones with your precious ears!) Talk about manifesting and quantum leaps. Or maybe I’m exactly where I need to be! Anyway, this isn’t about me. This is about BRAD.

Brad is helping so many people help themselves that he has made a goal to reach ONE MILLION subscribers on his YouTube Channel by the end of 2020. How does that make you feel if he made that goal in October of 2020 and needed over 800,000 subscribers to reach that number? Let’s talk about that and SO MUCH MORE. Help him reach his goal by subscribing here!

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In this episode, we talk about:

+ What kind of funny college credentials Brad has you might not know about that goes perfectly with Merriment

+ Being skeptical about tapping/EFT and how people can’t “promise results” with personal development tools changing something ‘overnight’ and my initial start with tapping (with Brad!)

+ Needing to be ready, willing, and able to utilize techniques such as tapping (and the difference between willing and able)

+ Being scared to remove trauma and pain because we’re scared of what unknown entity might fill it up

+ How to make tapping work for you! Including tapping with different (dis)abilities, making tapping scripts more specific to you, translating a script to your native language, tapping in the mirror, etc.

+ Brad creating a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of a million subscribers on his YouTube by the end of 2020 so he can help the most amount of people help themselves

+ It’s okay to set a goal and make progress but not the exact number by the set deadline

+ How if you can’t believe in someone else’s goal that seems impossible that doesn’t even affect you, how are you holding yourself back?

+ How personal development becomes a tool for for helping ourselves be happy so we can also be of service

+ The concept of quantum leaps and what can really happen in a short amount of time

+ How I manifested meeting Brad Yates in an elevator

+ Inspiring empowerment vs. enabling