Podcast: Ep. 13 - Gabi Rosie: Creating Your Own Reality | Uncustomary

Today, I’m talking to Gabriella Rosie, the amazing Creatrix. She’s radically a believer in love, art, and magic and she walks her walk in a beautiful way. It’s honestly difficult to introduce this creature, because she defies structure while maintaining her own.

I recorded this podcast over a year ago and am just releasing it like a jerk. It was stuck on an old hard drive after people moved and I told myself it was going to be much harder than it was. The reality is the worst thing is the quality of the audio because the raw audio file was deleted, but I was able to extract it from the Zoom audio thank goddess.

You can shop her incredible store to get your own affirmation decks and other unique art, listen to her podcast, check out her other wonderful classes and offerings, and of course follow her on Instagram.

And don’t forget the free wallpapers she gifted you below!


In this episode, we talk about:

+ How we both have psychology backgrounds and how this plays into what we do now
+ Why we are going to college or should we at all?
+ Making your own job title
+ Making art for the sake of fun/Merriment not for money
+ Keeping pressure out of play
+ The beauty in hashtags and documenting
+ Rituals and sharing on Instagram for inspiration/accountability vs. recreating ritual for performance online
+ General privacy online and what we share vs. what we don’t
+ Concept of Creatrix/alchemy/evolution and how you don’t technically blast self-love, but live it (living by example)