Last year, I talked about planning your epitaph. It might seem morbid at first, but the fact is that we’re all going to die, so we might as well have things to work towards and make sure our send off is a brilliant and true celebration of ourselves. This isn’t for everyone, obviously, but today I want to share things that I’d like to have happen at my funeral/after I die.

In General:
Mix my ashes are to be mixed with teal and purple glitter
Make photo copies of my happy journal for friends
Deactivate my Facebook account
Dad gets my money
Cut down any remaining yarnbombs

Actual Funeral:
No “wake” nonsense; just a funeral with a taco bar (and open bar)
Lots of balloons in all colors
If both my parents are alive, they have to sit on opposite sides of the room
Charlotte has to sing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”
Janice has to sing “Go Places”
Print every picture on my computer off as a 4×6 and hand them out as funeral favors
Bug must be there (he is immortal)
Play a really cheesy slideshow
No Taylor Swift (except that one song)
No Vitamin C or Green Day
 One or more of the following bands should play live: Jukebox The Ghost, Ke$ha, Andrew McMahon, Against Me!, Less Than Jake, The Mowgli’s, Eve 6, Andrew W.K.
Definitely play Icona Pop (unless I die in a car crash)
Probably play The Wobble and other line dance songs
Dance party is a necessity
Minimal crying
Everyone has to write something about me, tie it to a balloon, and release it in the sky
Don’t spend copious amounts of money on flowers, just tell people it’s BYOF
Bonus points for BYOC (bring your own cats)
There must be disposable cameras and a photobooth present
Confetti should fall from the ceiling without cue

What would you want to have happen at your funeral?