This is probably my last “little” yarnbomb for a while. I’m trying to shift focus and let myself be okay with taking longer to work on bigger, more significant projects. I still very much enjoy doing smaller (and easier) things, but I think a part of it is that I feel like I can see a connection between my productivity and how many installations I’ve done. It’s gotta be okay for me to take longer in between putting something out there. Plus, one of my goals for 2013 is to do three elaborate yarnbombs and I haven’t done one yet!
Anyway, I did this yarnbomb on St. Paul Street, right next to Red Emma’s. I sewed it on after I met with Sailor to brainstorm (post to come later), on the way to my car. All yarn I found at a thrift store.
What’s your opinion on doing lots of little projects versus a few big projects?
Would you rather see little pops of color in your city or one great installation?