I’m a big fan of guerilla art in any form. Street art, graffiti, and murals are a great way to kind of reclaim space that everyone shares. In Baltimore there are a lot of great pieces to see. I’ve previously posted about Graffiti Alley which is essentially an L shaped alley covered head to toe in graffiti, but some of the best things to see in Baltimore are spaced out. Driving up and down the streets you can see splashes of color here and there and it’s really wonderful. My favorite place to drive is in the city, which I realize is most people’s least favorite place to drive, but I like that I don’t want to rush like I do everywhere else and how many different things there are to see. Each time is different.

Open Walls is a project which is claiming blank sides of buildings to create great pieces of artwork on. Charles Street is already a pretty great area, but the last time I went down it there was a new mural up, courtesy of Open Wall’s artist Maya Hayuk. After I went to my original destination of The Book Thing, I circled back and pulled into the parking lot of this wonderful new mural to photograph it.

I also really loved the splatters of paint all over the ground. 

Do you have any fabulous murals in your city? What’s your favorite form of street/guerilla art?