Yesterday I cut out a big orange balloon from a piece of posterboard. I attached a string and took it to Baltimore, where I taped it onto a brick wall. (You may recognize the wall from the Giant Googly Eye installation.)
The string is made of yarn, so you can hold it like this!
I hope some people caught on and had a little photoshoot themselves. 🙂
I first got this idea from Color Me Katie, which you can see here. When I first found her blog, I was blown away, but this was something that struck me immediately out of all of her wonderful projects. I went to work and made a bouquet like hers, for people to pose with.
That was about two years ago, though. So it felt good to do it again. Balloons are really important to my life. Whether I’m tying notes to them, posing with them, or handing them to strangers… they bring me a lot of happiness.
Go buy yourself a balloon!