old-age pensioner

  1. Poor background and dreaming big

Max Polyakov grew up in a poor family. His parents died in an accident which made life more difficult for Max and his siblings. Despite all that, Max always dreamt about becoming wealthy and that’s just what happened when he won money on gambling. And now he is living the dream! Read on to find out more.

  1. A new family

Max went to school and worked so hard that he always had good results. One day, a couple which never had children, visited the school of Max to adopt a child. The couple saw Max with so many books and they were impressed and they chose to adopt him. The couple moved to Thailand with Max.

  1. Meeting a lover

Another family came to live near where Max’s home was and in that family, there was a beautiful girl who got Max’s attention. Her name was Karen and Max was convinced that he will marry her in future. So, Max worked hard in school and did some job in the evening ensuring he gives Karen the best life.

Later, Max Polyakov graduated and he married Karen. The young couple did not have enough money so they rented a flat to live in. After one year, Karen got pregnant and Max was so excited to become a father.

  1. The unexpected changes

After nine months, Karen fell sick. She underwent an operation and a baby girl was given birth to which put a smile on their face despite the difficult moment they were going through.

The cost of Karen’s treatment was high. Max Polyakov had to borrow money from a friend in order to settle the hospital bill. He later had to work day and night in order to refund the borrowed money.

  1. Becoming rich

At the age of 64 when Max Polyakov had retired, he started gambling online. He chose to play at Joy Casino. He spent a lot of time at that casino practicing.

One day, he visited the casino and the best thing in his life happened. He won 300,000 dollars.

Max used the money to buy a house and open a café.

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  1. Pattaya coach

The people who heard about Max’s win kept asking him about the secrets of winning. This prompted Max to become a coach. He started teaching people how to win in gambling.


Max Polyakov finally fulfilled his dream of becoming rich. Currently, the café and the gambling sessions are attracting more and more people each day Max’s family is living a comfortable life.