Happy Sunday! I’ve got some links to send you into an internet black hole fun things for you to look through. Enjoy!

 5 ways to get back on track, in case you’ve fallen off the 2015 resolution/goal bandwagon

 There’s an app based in human kindness

 Science: A dog that eats avocados

Oh, Internet | Uncustomary Art
The best color of all

 A flash mob in DC for social cause

 The original audio for the Friends intro is pretty creepy sans music

 Resources for living with intention this year

The Yasss Cat
 13 smooshy cats on glass– cute alert!

 The No Pants Subway Ride was a super success in New York (and DC)

 I’m not the only one with a 100 ways to get creative list

Oh, Internet | Uncustomary Art
Amazing paper towns

 I’m also not the only one doing tours of street art in their hometown

 Cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast taste chocolate for the first time

 Break dancers strapped fireworks to their feet– next level bad ass

“Coffee Makes Me Poo” by Taryn Southern
 10 extremely effective pick-me-ups for that 2:30 slump– #satire

 Can we agree that getting an indoor bouncy house is the ultimate cure to winter blues?

 Make your own kaleidoscope (for Valentine’s Day!)

Oh, Internet | Uncustomary Art

 Super thirsty, super sleep kitten

 A winter themed Nightmare Before Christmas parody (NSFW)

  An insightful excerpt about the first hour of being drunk

 8 free ways to promote your blog

A great interview with Lena Dunham
 29 times yarn graffiti made the world a better place (and I’m on the list!)

 Why don’t you just start now?!

 Activities that high-five your senses

This man is going to inspire you to live life to the fullest in three minutes

What else awesome is happening on the internet? Share your links below!