Hey there, it’s time for some internet round-ups. I threw my lasso out on the world wide web and found some glittery things for you to fawn over, some hilarious things for you to laugh till you cry at, and some inspiring things for you to shut your laptop and go live because of. Enjoy!

Glitter Brows

100 ways to spend a Saturday

A free podcast from some very lovely ladies on fashion + beauty

How to not die while going after your dreams

Bee + Puppycat
How long would it take you to binge watch your favorite animated series?

Questions non-bloggers ask bloggers

22 free/cheap things to do when pay day is far away

Candy Carousel

Want to be a part of a group that spreads magic with their missions?

Holy explosion in Russia, Batman!

13 exceptional sculptures

Bricolage – Keri Smith
Gala Darling explores why she writes + her process

7 ways to treat depression

Unconventional body affirmations

Silk installations

Hilarious tweet to defer theft

100-year-old time capsule found in Baltimore

28 things sure to make you laugh

Improv Everywhere: Pirates
Bad ass Little Mermaid wedding

Making Mail – a documentary

Bubble pop calendar

What have you seen on the internet in the past month that’s worth mentioning? Share it in the comments!