Every month I do a round-up of things I’ve found on the internet that have made me laugh or think enough to share. I hope you enjoy it! There’s enough here to keep you busy for a while! Feel free to add links in the comments. Also be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get a free list of 200 things to do when you’re bored!

+ A giant moon rabbit installation

A bondage mermaid

+ 17 little things you can do to make life more interesting

+ Matt & Katie did the third installment of “Someone You Love

+ Real talk on sexism, authenticity, + Andrew WK

+ How to overcome your fear and embrace your abilities

+ Unicorn stop motion animation

+ Improv Everywhere’s Black Tie Beach went great this year

+ Want your hair to look like a dinosaur?

+ Beautiful fireworks from Baltimore’s Star Spangled Spectacular

+ A new site for snail mail tags

+ this incredibly accurate statement

+ Wrap all your gifts in a giant bow

+ A class on kindness, dreams, and play

+ This hilarious vine (audio is necessary)

+ Jenna Marbles does balloon art

+ Dinosaur Dracula does some seriously great reviews of Halloween stuff

+ The 25 funniest times people thought The Onion was real

+ The most amazing tear down on cat calling of all time (second clip)

+ Wild & Messy Industrial Birthday Party

+ Watch a dog take its first steps

+ Chase Utley responds to Mac (from It’s Always Sunny)’s fan letter

+ The funniest video I’ve seen all month: a cat burglar

+ Twerking Intervention

+ Street heartbeats; an illuminated installation

+ Reasons pants are inferior

+ One of many examples why I love April

PS – Today is World Gratitude Day! I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for! Share in the comments.