Instead of wondering why you are stressed out, you might be wondering why other people are not. In this day and age, with all our access to information and World News, it is difficult not to wake up and start the day feeling stressed. There is a cost of living crisis, we are in 2022 and there is still famine and war happening because people still haven’t learned to use their words, workplace stresses are still very prevalent while bosses tried to manhandle people back into the office and not allow remote working, there are many things happening that can really make you feel stressed out. 

Stress doesn’t just make us angry or irritable though, it can trigger medical conditions that can impact our helpful stop the physical signs of stress can often be more difficult than the mental signs of stress comma and one of the ways that stress can really negatively affect us is by decreasing the energy levels that we so very need to be able to go to the gym and stay motivated through the day. 

It’s usually much easier to notice when a friend or family member is stressed out more than when you are feeling stressed because sometimes it can happen so gradually that suddenly things feel on top of you. Stress doesn’t make you sweat all the time, but it can make your blood pressure fly up and it can make you feel so tired that you can barely stand. With this in mind we’ve got signs that you may be going through some stress right now even if you don’t know it.

1. You are exhausted. It’s easy to say that exhaustion has nothing to do with stress because you could feel exhausted after going to the gym. But you shouldn’t be waking up and starting your day feeling exhausted every single day. No should you be feeling exhausted just existing. The constant feeling of tiredness is a sign that you are too stressed out and the physical effect here is that your body is in Overdrive with cortisol and adrenaline and that is what is sapping all of your energy.

2. You keep getting sick. When your body is under pressure and stress, your immune system is a tactful stop stress can therefore make you far more susceptible to illness and infection, and cold and flu season becomes your personal health. If you are stressed from too many business trips and you catch a flu from the plane, you will know that the stress is what lowered it in the first place. 

3. You notice that your hair is thinning. For men, this can often be a contentious issue, but if male pattern baldness does not run in your family, then the issue with your hair thinning could be down to stress. If you have been brushing through your hair and you have felt like it has moved all the way from your head to the brush and you have nothing left, it could be because of the stress you are feeling. Stress can alter the way that your body functions, and too much hair in your sink or your brush could be alert for you to tell you that you need to slow down. Taking supplements to increase hair growth can help. 

4. Your mood is changing and not for the better. Rapid mood swings can be due to your hormones, but they can also be due to the external environment. If the world around you is literally making your body press the panic button of stress, then you need to take a breather and make the decision to just recharge.

5. You are obsessive in your thoughts. When you find yourself obsessing over things happening in life and working through them over and over again without really coming to a resolution, this can be due to stressful stop if all you can think about is the impending workload you have or the negativity that’s going on around you, then you have to make the conscious decision to be more present in the now and not worry about what’s coming up. Sometimes, mindful gratefulness can help you to pull back from the stress and push forward into gratitude.

Nine Signs of Stress on Your Body | Uncustomary

6. You are dropping weight rapidly and it’s not a good thing. It doesn’t matter whether you are already overweight, or your weight is normal, nobody should be dropping weight at record levels. It’s not a good thing believe weight rapidly in a short space of time and it can take a toll on your body will stop if you are noticing this happening, then you have to consider getting a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible, because the stress that you are feeling is impacting your appetite so much that it’s now impacting your physical. If you’ve ever felt too stressed that you just can’t eat, or all you can do is eat because of stress, then you need to have a breather and figure out what’s going on in your life and where you can slow down.

7. You can’t sleep. Another physical symptom of stress is insomnia. This kind of tags onto the obsessive thinking we were talking about earlier on, because if all you can think about is how busy you are and all the things you must do, you will literally lose sleep over it.

8. You are feeling more anxious and restless than ever before. If you are constantly feeling pulled down by your thinking, it’s likely because of stress. Anxiety and restlessness are signals that you need to slow yourself down and stop overdoing it, because when you overdo, you feel far too much. If you can discover better ways to relax, you’ll be able to focus on the positive and happy thoughts that you should be considering.

9. You are no longer a patient person. Impatience is a sure sign that you are dealing with stress. If you find yourself often on a short fuse, even with the smallest things, then it’s time to regroup and rethink.