Can you believe it’s already almost half way through January? I’ve been keeping busy with working on my Fun A Day projects. I was trying to not share pictures of the things I’m installing until the exhibit in February, but I can’t wait any longer. So I’m starting off with my very first one.

On New Year’s Day, I hung up this inspiration board in Fells Point. It included two papers for passersby to write down something that they did in 2012 and what their main goal for 2013 is. I kept it up for a little less than a week. The pages weren’t filled, but I got some good feedback!
And yes, the ‘2013’ is cut out of an old Waldo calendar. 🙂

I asked: “What is one thing you DID in 2012?

They answered:

+ started dating Mike!
+ graduated
+ crossed an 18,000 ft. pass
+ woke up
+ love love love
+ started college (again)
+ lived in the forest
+ moved to Bmore
+ found my true love
+ gave birth
+ became big sister
+ entered univ.
+ studied

I asked: “What is your main goal for this year?

They answered:

+ graduate and get a job that I love
+ start an adventure
+ stay motivated
+ stay awake
+ love love love
+ yolo so hard **
+ wake up
+ teach Indy how to agility
+ hula hoop!
+ go to the college
+ get married!
+ run like I use to
+ continued upward movement
+ love my family
+ be the baby’s friend
+ make a boyfriend
+ make a boyfriend who is rich
+ study study study

** – my favorite

What about you? Anything you want to share?