When the colder fall weather hits, you’re probably spending more time indoors than anywhere else. But just because you’re cooped up inside doesn’t mean you have to stop hosting get-togethers with your friends. There are plenty of party ideas that you can enjoy with the help of a central heating system.

A Viewing Party

The fall is when many shows kick off their season premieres. If you and your friends have been waiting for your favorite show to start, make a night out of it. Or if new episodes of your show have already been airing for the last couple of weeks, you can host a mini-marathon and play catch up. If you don’t have them saved, and they’re not available for instant viewing by your television provider, you can usually find them online at the show’s website.

Viewing parties are particularly great for a girls’ night in, especially when they’re filled with wine, snacks, and a strict dress code of pajamas, comfy slippers and robes. Have your guests bring food related to the television show you’ll be watching. Love The Walking Dead? Comediva has ideas for zombie-themed cupcakes, decorations, and directions for a drinking game. You can even try out your makeup techniques to see how much you can make one another look like a zombie. More of a Scandal group? Check out Who Say for ideas on the perfect Scandal-viewing pajamas, popcorn, and of course, wine.

A Poker Party

A game night is a great go-to when you’re looking for an indoor activity, but sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to get grown men to agree to (even when you offer alcohol). But a poker night could be just the thing to get them excited for a night in. A little risk and competition mixed with the chance for a high reward is enticing to even the most passive of people.

For this party, stick to basic snacks and pub food—pretzels, chips and dip, and sandwiches—or things you can enjoy while playing that won’t get the cards grimy. And lots of ice-cold beer, of course.

Because no one wants to be the person who doesn’t know how to play and slows down the game, try learning the basics beforehand. Betfair offers a breakdown on the game types that you can use to help you avoid losing all of your money to your friends in the first few minutes of play. Be sure to send those notes to your guests ahead of time, so they can do the same. Or don’t, and watch them weep as you take over the game.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Fall-Themed Party

Now, you may be excited by the idea of hosting a fall-inspired party, but remember that many people get a lot of their fall fill through other events this time of year. You know, like Halloween and maybe a…weekly…*cough* daily *cough*… pumpkin spice latte. So if you do want to do something fall related, you have to do it up right by putting a little twist on it.

Instead of pumpkin carving, opt for pumpkin painting. Provide your guests with a variety of paint colors, brushes, and accessories like pushpins, netting, and straw so they can make their own unique creations. Country Living has an article on 39 different pumpkin creations that use everything from paint to cross-stitching techniques. Best of all, your pumpkins will last longer if you don’t carve out the inside, so you won’t be left with a fly-ridden corpse of a pumpkin after a week.

Obviously I think that the glitter-covered pumpkins are pretty amazing, but not everyone agrees with me on how important it is to have glitter all over everything. I’ll allow you to decide if you want to cover your pumpkins (and life) in sparkly craft powder.

Of course, this isn’t all to say that you can’t take advantage of any outdoor space you have as well. However, most of us don’t have a fire pit and stationary outdoor heaters to take advantage of. Instead of letting your guests freeze their asses off, it’s probably better that you plan indoor activities.