Every November 4th we get to observe National Candy Day, an unusual holiday I think a lot of us can easily get behind. When I announced it this morning, my boyfriend and roommate were like, “SWEET!” and “Already celebrated!” Hahah. There are a ton of different types of candies. Gummy, fruity, tart, sour, taffy, chocolate… There are candies that are specific to certain cultures, candies that are reserved for specific celebrations or holidays, and candies you can’t believe other people enjoy!

National Candy Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate National Candy Day

1. Visit a candy store and fill up a bag with half of your favorite candies and half of candies you’ve never tried before
2. Research a candy from a culture you’re curious about and try to make it on your own or have someone make it for you so you can try it
3. Make a DIY candy costume and spend the day dressed up as candy (check out this Rock Candy Costume)
4. Go to a candy-themed place, like Hershey Park or the M&M Store in Time Square
5. Put a bunch of the same candy in a jar and have a contest to see who can guess the closest to how many are in there
6. Listen to music about candy (check out my playlist!)

7. Make a candy basket arrangement to give to a friend to cheer them up
8. Wear a candy necklace all day and actually eat it
9. Put candy out on your desk for your coworkers to share
10. Throw a candy-themed party and invite all your friends (have candy favors, games, decorations, playlists)

How will you celebrate Candy Day?

Uncustomary by Carz Maiquez

Photo: Maura Housley