The facts are that I get a lot of mail, I’m grateful for every piece, and I want to make sure they all get featured on my mail posts. The thing is, though, that taking pictures of lots of pieces at once doesn’t always allow you to see some of the wonderful details that appear in my mailbox. So, this week I’m taking a minute to do some close up shots of the things you’ve sent me!

One of the beautiful things about mail is the journey that it takes to get to you. Those little stamps and crevices that get added along the way only add character. Today is about honing in on specific pieces that really made me smile.

from: Juli in Florida

from: Cara in New Jersey

from: Kimberly in Illinois

from: Sara in Switzerland

from: Stephanie in Germany

from: Jaclyn in Florida

from: Bonnie Jeanne in Pennsylvania

from: Sara in Switzlerand

from: Jennifer in Oregon

from: Karen in Minnesota

from: Emma in the United Kingdom

from: Cara in New Jersey

from: Michelle in Virginia

from: Karen in Minnesota

What’s your favorite piece?
What’s been in your mailbox lately?

Need to talk more about details? What would you notice on a street corner if you took a second to stop?