Even though I’m still behind, I have stuff to show! I checked my box once last week and I have some outgoing as well. 🙂 I appreciate all the mail I receive.


inside that flower envelope was a birthday present from JoAnna — look at this glittery clutch! (and there were like a million more wonderful things in the same package)
another package I received was from Athanasia in Greece… this giant pen is full of pens! 


It’s highly likely that if we only exchange postcards that you have no idea that I’m behind with mail. I’ve been keeping up with postcards, because they’re a lot quicker. But there are a few letters in the outgoing! And I will continue to work on my pile.
I hope you are having a marvelous Monday and that you had a fun and productive weekend. It’s getting really hot here and I actually got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders (which never happens)! A little reminder that it is also halfway through July, so make sure you’re living the summer of your dreams!

What’s been in your mailbox this week?