Hello, lovelies! Today is the first day that I’d usually be at work, but I’m not… because I quit my day job! I’ve been pretty productive today so far, and I’m excited. I hope your week is off to a great start. A reminder that July is almost over! Make sure you’re making the most of your summer 🙂
In terms of mail announcements, I wanted to remind you that I started a monthly mailing subscription, Monthly Marvels. If you’re interested in getting some lovely treasures in your mailbox every month, sign up! You can do a trial subscription, and I’m offering international shipping as well! You can also give it as a gift for someone who you know would enjoy it.
Now.. onto the mail!


packages from Nicole, Ahmiz, and a color wheel (of flip flops) from Marguerite


Invitations to the Human Rainbow photoshoot this Saturday (please come!)


Now that I’ve got more time, you can expect so much more outgoing from me!
What’s been in your mailbox this week?