Happy first full week of November, you beautiful people! I hope things are starting off well for you. Last night, I announced that the winner of my 400 ‘likes’ giveaway was Claire. Hopefully, it won’t be long until I set up the 444 ‘likes’ giveaway! Tell your friends that I’m fun, so they like my Facebook page and you can enter to win. *wink*

In terms of mail, I forgot to photograph a lot of my outgoing in the past two weeks. I did send out a lot of Promotion Postcards, but the pictures barely show it. If you’re interested, here are my outgoing stats for October:

Postcards – 58
Envelopes – 52
Packages – 11
Total = 121

Speaking of mail:

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Now, what you want: mail eye candy!


Look at the lovely personalized mail art from Erica! She also sent me Keri Smith’s new publication of postcards, and on the right you see one of many recent care packages from Karen.

Look at that mail/cat postcard! A personal photo from the sender

I love the way Linsey draws hearts…

Miki sent me mail in a zip lock baggy and Sara showers me with mail

Postcard poems and colorful envelopes

On the right is an example of one of Keri Smith’s postcards, top middle is Halloween mail from Michelle, and that beautiful tape on the bottom is from Donovan of the LWA

First round of up Halloween mail

Second round of Halloween mail — These all came within three days! So glad I checked my mail on 10/31

More of the aforementioned care packaged from Karen

Look at that hand stitched card from Nicole!

Haha, that top left postcard is all about alcoholics, from the lovely Post Muse


Some of the promotional postcards… did you get yours yet??

A peek at my home mailbox

What’s been in your mailbox lately?