It’s the first Monday Mailings post of 2014! Yeah! I’ve been getting some really great things in my PO Box, and I have you to thank! I’m really flattered that you guys are taking the time to make me such exquisite stuff.

If you’re like me, you might be having difficulty sitting down to work (or write letters) because things are so unorganized! I’m on my way to rectifying that, but today is the perfect day to knock the rest out! It’s Clean Off Your Desk Day! Let me know if you choose to take part.

[edit] I can’t believe I forgot to mention my 2013 mail stats! Total outgoing mail for last year equals 1,575. That’s postcards, envelopes, and packages combined. (And December was 161 total.)


Are you kidding? All of this came in the same package from the lovely Bianca. An awesome camera, postcards, and the original sticky notes from our guest post swap. I can’t thank her enough!

Check out these two 2014 cards! Bringing in the new year right! I taped them both to my wall.

That Pop Tart case was the package! Mailed as is. Absolutely brilliant, Ashley! And look! Erica is sending her first mail art! There was some really fun stuff inside.

Letters, a thank you note, and two postcards from Pamela and Kaylah.

Olivia has been spoiling the crap out of me. There are so many goodies in there I can’t even list them all. And a giant Spongebob card from Linsey. I love that the USPS is trying to encourage kids to send more mail.

Lovely to hear from some international people! Rob in Canada, Alison in South Africa, and Stephanie in Germany. And don’t forget the word search postcard from Karen.


Sending out postcards that other people have sent me!

These prints are beautiful

I went a little crazy with that tape. I just really liked it that night.

What’s been in your mailbox lately?