Good morning lovelies and Happy Monday!

I had some steady incoming and outgoing mail last week. I’ve been checking my PO Box more often (versus the once a week trip I’m used to) and it’s helped me to stay caught up with the comings and goings of everything. How often do you check your PO Box?

from Post Muse, Linda, Color of Inspiration, Thom, Erica, Angie, and Postcrossers:

ALSO my awesome Janice in Utah sent me an amazing package last week.

LOOK at all that AWESOME

[amazing assortment of candy & chocolate, Buffalo Bill postcards and door hanger, shamrock socks and stickers, Garbage Pail Kids magnet, Smurf! crackers, cake bites, pink bunny ears (which I put on Bug), cat treats for Bug, Easter eggs, plastic dinos –all the better to glitter, my dear, detailed drawings, and LOOK!]

Outgoing to FabriziaMarianStewart, Charlotte, April, Nicole, Melissa, Tallie, Linsey, and Postcrossers!

You can also check out my March Mail Stats.

What’s been in your mailbox this week?