I had a supreme mail week last week. I got three packages! The contents of the packages were so amazing. I also got a whole bunch of letters and postcards! Thank you to JoAnna, Post Muse, Theresa, Britty, Cheryl, Tallie, Erica, Marguerite, Linsey, Jennifer, Suzie, Marian, Paula, Karen, and April. I really can’t thank you enough for making it such a fantastic mail experience last week.

I’ve already posted about one of the three packages I received last week, which was from Karen. Check it out to see the awesome contents. The second package was from Paula. She sent me some amazing paper goodies and ephemera. All of my mail friends are so generous and kind. Look at that ad card in the shape of a hot air balloon!

The final package was from April. I haven’t received a package from April in a while and the awesomeness of this package was condensed over several months of thoughtful planning and presentation. This is me driving as fast as I can home from the post office to open it.

She sent me some wonderful handmade things such as a bracelet and a journal. Some blue mascara and lip gloss (mermaid style!), an awesome gold bag, fabric from her work, bronze nail polish, plastic bubble quarter machine creatures (a la Mr. Noga), yellow pom pom fringe, glitter glue, ring pops, sequined ribbon, so much love.. so much.

Outgoing to 15 Postcrossers this week! Plus keep an eye out Paula, Tallie, Britty, JoAnna, Theresa, Erica, Marian, Jennifer, Margaret, Linsey, and Cheryl! You can see my submission to Theresa’s Small Things project here.

Bug has been very patient with my massive letter writing session last week.

What has been in your mailbox lately??

PS- I bought myself my own domain.. www.maryhassound.com woohoo!