Until the latter part of this weekend the extent of my mail activity was last Monday. I picked up a bunch of lovely things and I sent out a small pile plus three packages. I did catch up on a lot of stuff yesterday and I have a big stack of stuff headed your way!

Look at all that awesome! The postcard about breaking rules and laying in the periwinkle is so lovely as was Cheryl‘s message. And did you see the Color Me Katie envelope?? So good, Miki! I posted it on Katie Sokoler’s Facebook wall and she commented on it, so that was fantastic. You guys are awesome.

Have you received anything from me lately? I will probably be going to the post office today after work to pick up whatever other lovelies you have sent me.

I think next week I am going to do an up close look at some of the mail art I’ve been receiving lately. 🙂