Yesterday I was really sad that the post office was closed. I was all out of mail to respond to and I know there might be packages waiting for me. Plus, I missed a delivery that I have to pick up, which is a present for Matt. But it was Sunday, so I couldn’t do anything about it. The good news is that today is Monday and after work I will be going to the post office to take care of my mailing needs.

I hope that by now my Christmas cards have arrived to their respective mailboxes. The packages I sent should be there really soon too!

Here’s my outgoing (including today’s):

I’ve really been enjoying these huge postcards. Matt got me a pack of 100 a few years ago and I’ve only used like 10 before now. It’s a good way to send a postcard, but still be able to write a good length message.

And here’s what I got last week!

One of the people I received mail from was KDJ, who lives in Florida. She has sent me some of my favorite mail art postcards over the past two years and she’s going through a rough time right now. It would be so awesome if you could send her some happy mail! The link is to her send-something profile for interest ideas. The address is current.

What’s been in your mailbox?