Hey! Happy Monday! 🙂 Everything’s good. It’s a new week. The last week of February, actually. Make sure you spend it awesomely so you have great Top Ten Things lists on Thursday.
Anyway, here’s some of my comings and goings of mail. I apologize for the crappy quality of some of the photos. Despite me getting a new camera, I’m not great at it yet. It’s just a process. 🙂 Some of the blurriness was just too bad to bother posting, but here we go.


I found a few photograph frames that turn your pictures into postcards, so I chose some of my favorite pictures from the first disposable camera installation and sent them to people who might be interested that I found on send something. I’ve been really having fun with that site lately.

These are some envelopes full of pictures of cats that I sent to random people from send something.


These are those DVD covers you would see at Blockbuster. I have a TON of them that I bought when Blockbusters near me were closing. I searched for specific interests and sent them to fans.





I received such lovely Valentines mail. I took too long to get to the post office, so it was technically belated, but love is year round, yes?
Here’s a close up of an awesome collaged postcard I got from Anne. She said I’m always making art for everyone else, so she wanted to make some for me.
Anne, can you comment or e-mail me? I want to thank you properly and I didn’t see a return address!
What’s been in your mailbox lately?