Happy Monday, all! I’m feeling really good about this week, and I hope I can spread some of that positivity to you. Last week, I took a trip to Pittsburgh, and while I was there I got to write letters in Bonnie Jeanne’s (akaย Post Muse) house. Between that and the car ride home, I got caught up on a lot of mail! So if you wrote to me in July or the beginning of August, you should have a reply on its way to you!

Being with other snail mail enthusiasts always reinvigorates my love of mail. I never don’t love mail, but my involvement ebbs and flows, just like anything else. Seeing someone else’s organizational system and piles of incoming makes me excited all over again about the art of sending a piece of yourself on paper through the hands of a stranger.

If you’re interested, here are my outgoing stats for last month:

Postcards: 52
Envelopes: 32
Packages: 12
Total = 96

And now onto snail mail eye candy!



Monthly Marvels packages will be mailed later this week. Don’t forget to sign up for a surprise package in your mailbox in October!

What’s been in your mailbox lately?