Last week I didn’t have a regular mail post, just Operation: Pass Out Postcards. An update on that: I didn’t receive any e-mails from people who found the cards. 🙁
Anyway, here’s everything from the past two weeks.



Some prints I found at the thrift store a long time ago and turned into postcards. These were sent to people from Send Something and all of them involve me talking about the Rockafeller Skank.

Envelopes and letters going out to Cindy, Marguerite, Alyssa, Juliana, Sarah, Melinda, Charlotte, and Lee.


More postcards and prints, plus some letters out to Trine, Erica, and Rob.


Went with a theme here, with some chili pepper themed labels I found at the thrift store. Letters out to Lilian, Linsey, JoAnna, Ely, Marian, Juli, Meg, Melissa of craftgasm, and Sarah.


A bunch of postcards out to random people from Send Something and a few penpals. Plus three letters out to Jennifer, Andria, and Cindy.


More outgoing to Linda, Desirae, Post Muse, and Erin.


And Michelle, look away! Some treats on their way to you (and I’m pretty sure they haven’t arrived yet).


Fun envelopes from Suzie, Juli, and JoAnna


More letters from Linda, Cindy, Marian, and Sara.


Lovely things from Linsey, Sarah, Cuan, Post Muse, Lilian, and Andria


More awesome from Rose, Linsey, Desirae, Rob, Paula, Laura, and some new Send Something pals!


I’m spoiled!


A box of yarn and kitty paper from Karen!
What’s been in your mailbox lately?