Happy Monday, everyone. I have a lot of mail to share. Mail is beautiful and I hope your mailboxes have been full of happy lately.


Mini letter in a tiny capsule from Olivia
Lovely incoming — if anyone can identify the white postcard that is facing long-ways all the way on the right, let me know! I didn’t see any return address and I want to write back!
This is postcard that has been sent back and forth between Michael and I, obviously many times. You can see the front in the picture below (with the hamster).
A wonderful pop up card that Sara from Switzerland made for me; I’ve been receiving a lot of wonderful mail from her lately.
This is a fifteen pound box from Post Muse of wonder that she thought I could use for street art, and I did!


a birthday card, an apology, some empty gift cards, and 90s stickers… traveling en route to everywhere
I found a broken book at The Book Thing about patterns. I used the only pages left to make postcards to send. Pattern Postcards!
I mentioned that I sent out 47 postcards to LEP members
Sending off 10 cross off an address and send some art to the next person (that’s a sentence)
What’s been in your mailbox lately?