98-365 is a Microsoft certification exam that is facilitated by Pearson VUE in collaboration with Certiport as registration partners. It imparts knowledge to IT professionals who are interested in Storage Server Functionality, Server Installation, Active Directory, Server Roles, and Server maintenance. The profoundly demonstrated knowledge on these topics leads to the award of the golden MTA certification. MTA is the Microsoft’s newly introduced technology certification exam to corroborate the professionals with the essential knowledge required to start a career in understanding of Microsoft technologies. Since this certification is crucial to IT professionals, 98-365 majorly targets the server administrators who have been in touch with the overall administration Microsoft associated Server. The exam facilitating the MTA certification has the following peculiar features:

  • It has got 40-50 questions that are of multiple choice.
  • Candidates are supposed to do for 90 minutes.

The points below are the measures taken by certified professionals who passed this exam. Take them into consideration during your exam preparation.

     1. Join the MOAC

MOAC is the official guideline website for 98-365 certification exam from Microsoft family. It has been provided for all the candidates to ensure that they got the official and reliable information from Microsoft. The guideline provides you the real picture of the exam you are expecting to pass as well as the format the exam will take. It also helps you toenhance your understanding of the exam setup.You will have the opportunity to identify the consistency of some key topics that are given more consideration by Microsoft’ examiners. Besides, subscription to the MOAC will grant you unlimited access to the variety of exams which are set in different styles.

     2. Get the curriculum outline

Apart from knowing the main domains that you are needed to cover before doing the exam, also find the curriculum outline. The importance of the curriculum outline is its detailed description of the subtopics of each domain. In most cases, the title of the main domain might not seem familiar with you but the contents might be some concepts you learned in your previous certifications. The main objective is to ensure that the candidates have a clear overview of the contents of the course and hence the general overview of the exam objectives. Furthermore, the curriculum outline will mark the limits of your studies by giving you the topics to study because some materials may be providing a collection of all MTA certification exam.

     3. Study with colleagues

IT exams especially 98-365 are practical oriented and the learner needs to always remember every step that is taken in configuration, installation, and ultimately management. The colleagues preparing for the same certification exam are enhancing in the fact that everyone will contribute in tackling every question as the others learn from him/her. One way of building your career in IT field is sharing your understanding or experience with others. The shared knowledge is always upgraded and weakness is identified and corrected. The individuals who are always in regular connection with other professionals are likely to perform industry or enterprise tasks three times accurate than the ordinary individuals. Therefore, it is necessary to put into consideration the importance of involving our colleagues in our learning.

     4. Train and train efficiently

Find the best materials that suite 98-365 certification exam. The best option to get all the concepts at your fingertips is using the best training materials. The training let you understand the concepts easily because they are delivered by professionals who have an extensive and exclusive understanding of the curriculum content designed for the exam. They also use the latest methodologies which are easy to understand and effective when implemented. These resources are available online but the candidates should always be careful when downloading them. As this article is the best to provide you with the tips to ensure that you pass this exam, you are also provided with the entrusted links for your training. The online platforms which have kept the consistent quality training in the IT field are Udemy and CBT nuggets. They are highly rated by the students as well as other interested parties as seen in their reviews section.

     5. Use the exam simulator

The world depends on IT professionals to bring change to the society by developing solutions to various obstacles we normally face in day to day life. Exam simulator is one of the technological invention designed to help the candidates prepare well for the exam. The software enables you to open the common VCE dumps that are available for revision. It is important to use them because it is simple to truthfully measure your strength on particular topics and get your real performance on the contemporary scoresheet. To access the premium files that can be viewed and done using the exam simulator, you have to visit the renowned sites. These sites include the ExamCollection Microsoft MTA 98-365 Practice Test Exam Questions And Answers, Pass4Sure, and PrepAway.

     6. Ask the experts

The other tip that we normally forget is consulting the experts. Many professionals who have successfully passed this exam have shared their experiences with the world so that we can learn from them. Knowing the challenges that everyone faced and come out victoriously will also let you build our skills on handling the daily obstacles that may arise during our preparation. In fact, most of the experts give pieces of advice to nurture your career and ultimately talent in your technology life. Besides, they symbolically draw the roadmap of our future ambitions as they have achieved their success through this certification.


The implementation of the above tips has always resulted in successful completion of the exam which results in certification. The IT professionals should view and implement them in their future exam. The secret of passing is neither in the exam nor the training underwent. It is the implementation of the wisdom that you have. It is very evident that the individuals who have used them are certified professionals in the IT field because the ultimately passed the exam.