Making Your Wardrobe Extra Special: A Guide | Uncustomary

Your wardrobe can help to represent your personality, share your tastes and interests, and, most importantly, make you feel good. Then, it is important to make sure that your wardrobe is as special as it can be, and full of clothing items that you love. If you need ideas as to how to make your wardrobe extra special, this article compiles some of the best tips on how to find the more glamorous pieces and ensure that you are looking dazzling whatever the occasion.

Luxury Fabrics

It is not only the style, design, and look of a piece of clothing that can make you feel good, but the fabric too. Investing in luxury fabrics can help you to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe while making sure that you feel comfortable at all times.

Luxury fabrics are often of a better quality than other mass-produced fabrics, which means that they last for longer. Not only this, but luxury fabrics can help your clothing to fit you better than lower quality fabrics, ensuring that they are able to flatter you whatever your physique. Luxury fabrics include materials such as taffeta, satins and silks, velvets and cashmere. Although taffeta and silks are an excellent option for an evening out, cashmere is the best fabric for casual wear as it retains its quality while being extremely comfortable. Companies such as provide you with a range of cashmere clothing to choose between, including form-flattering and on-trend pieces to complement your existing wardrobe.


You can also make your wardrobe extra special by ensuring that it is individual to you. A good way to do this is through clothing customization, which allows you to add quirks to your outfits that make them stand out from the crowd. From adding badges and pins to crafts such as dying and embroidering, there are many ways to customize your existing wardrobe to ensure that your clothing is different from that of the high street. Formal wear is also something that can bring out individuality, especially formal wear for boys. Not only will this allow you to have clothes that are individual to you, but customization through items such as badges can also be great conversation starters by allowing you to share your interests and passions with the rest of the world.

Vintage and Homemade Clothing

If you want to find one-off pieces that you won’t see anyone else wearing, you can make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd through investing in vintage or homemade clothing. Vintage clothing stores are one of the best places to find vintage clothing and are often home to bold and vivid prints, as well as unusual and retro styles that you are sure to fall in love with. What’s more, if there is a lack of vintage or homemade clothing stores near you, the internet is full of vintage finds, from stores on websites such as ASOS Marketplace and Etsy to high street chains.

Everyone wants their wardrobe to be special, and for them to feel confident in and excited by their clothing choices. From beautiful fabrics to vintage stores, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding clothing you love, and that can make your wardrobe feel special – whatever the occasion.