Earlier this week, the wonderful Post Muse sent me a fifteen pound box of wonder. It had things that she thought would be good for my street art. She was right! I was immediately inspired, and made little packages to leave around for people. There was a lot of stuff that was just good for decorating anywhere!
I went to Federal Hill Park yesterday and spread the love around. It was really fun.
Here are some of the gifts that I left around for people to find.
Here are some of the treasures she gave me, that I left inside the boxes above.

Some dangly decorative drops, for a pretty tree.
A weird waffle installation.

Some stickers

Some magnets (most were left on poles and fences, but I also put a couple on cars!)

representing Pittsburgh, Post Muse!
And finally, a folder for people to take a free book poster.
I hope I made some people smile.