Today I was featured on Julie’s blog as Penpal of the Week and I received an e-mail from Micu with a proposition for a mail art challenge.
idea is that you receive a pre-selected recipient and their address and you make them something within a theme. Then you photograph or scan your piece and e-mail a copy to Micu. All the images will go on the website where people will vote for their favorite. The winner of that challenge gets to select the next recipient and theme.

I think it’s a really nice combination of mail art and random acts of kindness, which we all love.. right?? 🙂

The first theme
 is favorite cartoons and they are being sent to a girl named Daisy who has cancer. E-mail Micu [micupeace at gmail dot come] for the snail mail address and make sure you send her a picture of your work too! You can read her full story here.