I had kicked myself this July for not following through with Gala Darling’s Instagram challenge, so I was psyched when she announced another one for the month of October: #Lovetober. I’ve participated every day so far, so I wanted to share my responses to her lovely prompts before I’m suddenly overwhelmed with 31 images to share all at once!

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 1: Flower Power – Beautiful flower bed in Hampden, Baltimore.

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 2: Nostalgia – Missing the times I spent with the lovely April Noga in Chicago.

Day 3: Photobooth Friday – Always make sure to hop in photobooths, even if I’m alone. I have enough personality to fill four frames.

Day 4: Made Me Laugh – This photo I took of Nick and Brad on our Cooter Vacation in June.

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 5: Daily Mantra – Find Joy Everywhere

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 6: Your Bookshelf – The bottom shelf of my bookcase, organized by color.

Day 7: Thankfulness -I am thankful for: Memories, the ability to see in color, beautiful window displays, Baltimore, my cat, friends I can always call, public artists, glitter, rhythm, + my car.

Day 8: Street Art – Instead of posting one of my favorite murals, I shared one of my favorite yarnbombs I’ve ever done. Can’t believe it was two years ago!

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 9: Favorite Color – Yellow!

Day 10: Your Inspiration – Glitter will always inspire me. Forever and ever.

Day 12: Perfect Weekend -My perfect weekend? Just like the one I had. Halloween crafts, book signings for people I know, Dirty Shirleys with excessive amounts of cherries at gay bars, road trips, abandoned barns, + lots of Steve Carell movies. Only thing that would have made it better was if Joe was in town for snuggles!

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 11: Jumping – Thanks to Charlotte, who always nails taking jumping photos on the first try.

Lovetober | Uncustomary Art

Day 13: I’m Obsessed! -What am I obsessed with? Right now it’s driving/being in my car. Gabby, my little red vessel, makes my adventures possible. And she doesn’t mind being adorned in pom poms, rhinestones, + mustaches or all the inevitable glitter residue. We’re going places.

Day 14: A Beautiful Place – Baltimore. It will always be Baltimore.

Day 15: Pay It Forward – I didn’t have a chance to do a RAOK, so I pulled from the archives and shared a photo from World Kindness Day 2013, when I passed balloons and notes out to cashiers in a mall, left paper crowns in books at Barnes And Noble, and gifted blankets I knitted to the homeless.

I’m actually extra excited, because Gala featured my favorite color photo on her week one round up. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out the hashtag #Lovetober. It’s not too late to join in, either!