Part of taking care of yourself is being kind and loving to yourself. The world is often a harsh, difficult place to live in and enjoy. An uplifting smile goes a long way in your life and to the people who receive that ray of sunshine beaming back. A luxury vacation is another way to gift something enjoyable to yourself for a good year, because you got that promotion, or just because.

Love Yourself With A Luxury Vacation This Summer | Uncustomary

Here are three luxurious vacations worth exploring further.

Charleston, South Carolina

The city of Charleston is a picturesque one with well-kept, tree-lined walkable streets filled with little stores selling antiques, art, coffee, restaurants dishing up regional cuisine, and a little bit of Southern hospitality. The covered market is an interesting place to spend a few hours with its many stalls offering up knickknacks, antiques, and oddities that one won’t find elsewhere in the city.

The bars and cafés are popular spots for locals and tourists to hang out. Local venues feature live bands on a regular basis and the music quality is noteworthy. Local bands who found success in Nashville or elsewhere often return to play in local venues just for the feel of a hometown that isn’t the same anywhere else.

A short drive away is a more expensive area with luxury houses on stilts and white sandy beaches with long bridges connecting otherwise disconnected islands together. Locals play on the beach with their kids, playing fetch with their dogs and enjoying the sunset.

Kauai, Hawaii

It’s true that Maui and Oahu get more attention than the lesser known Kauai, but for luxury seekers, Kauai is the place to be. Maui is a better choice for families and the party animals and surfer dudes tend to hang around Oahu. Kauai is smaller, more intimate and easy to get to know.  The sunsets look like the sun was dipped in honey as it sets, the beaches are soft to walk on, and there’s plenty of local traditions to soak up too.

The resorts there aren’t skyscrapers, so there’s little to spoil the natural beauty. There are only a couple of highways running around the island and parts still require exploring by foot to see everything. Luxury doesn’t come cheap on the island, but the unspoiled beauty is worth it.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is somewhere to visit when you love the great outdoors. There are wide open spaces, mountainous regions traversed by cable car, and clean air everywhere. There’s also the Piste Mountain Bistro restaurant with its elevated vantage point offering exquisite views for diners who venture up to experience it. What’s not to love?

The Grand Adventure Park at the Teton Village offers a lively day to run the gauntlet of the rope course, rock wall, drop tower, and bungee jump. When you’re done for the day, spend one night (or several) at the in a hotel suite or off-site vacation rental, and enjoy the great amenities that await you.

Giving yourself a treat occasionally makes life feel worth it. A great vacation is an excellent way to do that. Be sure to choose your luxurious destination wisely.