On my trip to Chicago, I visited the best store I’ve ever been in. I know people are always like “oh my god, this is my favorite song” or “that was the best store EVER!”, but I’m completely serious when I say this was the best store. It was a wonderland.
It’s called Lost Eras and it’s categorized as a regular antique shop. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more it is than that. The store starts out as what you would expect an antique store to look like, but then there’s a back room. April had been there before, so she instructed me to go down the side stairwell. That’s when the magic started.
Downstairs is a giant room with extremely low ceilings. I had to duck and I hit my head a lot. It was all worth it. There are an amazing amount of vintage costumes, outfits, and accessories.
There was also excessive amounts of specific items downstairs, like fans, phones, shoes, and clocks.
And then when I thought we were done, there was an entire extra wing of the store with more costumes.
I bought a frilly bathing suit bottom and matching headband thing, a Princess Jasmine veil, a gold leotard, a teal and yellow apron, and a bunch of postcards.
Don’t you want to live here?