Life's Been Waiting For You | Uncustomary Art

I’m not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift, but her last album had a line that got stuck in my head because it resonated with me. After I first listened to this song, I heard the line in my head over and over for days. Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you. In the shower, while driving, falling asleep. Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you.

I’ve been to New York City on multiple occasions, and I doubt I’d ever be able to live there. Brooklyn maybe, but never Manhattan. It’s fun to me for a while, and the amount of resources there is infinite, but it’s not necessarily for me. That’s not why this line haunted me. Why then?

It’s what New York represents, I guess. It’s the idea that even if you’ve never been to New York, it’s still existing and operating without you. Right now, someone is happy crying from the joy they’re experiencing in that city. Someone is laughing their ass off at a bar, someone is having sex in a public place, someone is getting mugged. New York City is buzzing right now, even if you’re three thousand miles or an ocean away. It lives.

Life's Been Waiting For You | Uncustomary Art

Now, let’s apply my interpretation of her lyrics to life. Life is happening all around you (not just in New York). If you choose to hide from experience, that’s your prerogative. Not everyone craves the same experiences, though. When I say “hide” I’m not implying that you’re hermiting inside your house. Some people strongly dislike engaging in social situations, and find their inner joy while sitting in their robe on their living room sofa. That’s fine, babe. Sing your heartsong. But what’s not fine is choosing to ignore your dreams.

Maybe your dream is to write a book or travel to Paris. Those things are attainable. It’s all attainable. It takes work, energy, perserverance, but it’s doable. And deciding to binge-watch Netflix shows while stuffing guacamole in your face is fine once in a while, but it’s (probably) not going to help you achieve your dream.

This idea of life waiting for you is really beautiful to me. Your goals are just waiting for you to cross them off. Floors are waiting for you to dance on them. Planes are waiting for you to board them. You’re capable of so much, and as soon as you’re ready to start living your life out loud, the world will embrace you with open arms… and then it will twirl you around, dip you, and kiss you on the mouth.

Photo Credit: Maura Housley Photography