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Those people, who used to suffer from addiction, are often unappreciated. Sometimes, society just cannot accept that a person, who has gone through many pain and challenges, could be similar to them. Sometimes, the person himself prostrates with fear that people would not like him or her. Psychologists claim that the period when addicts come back to social life is extremely important to be controlled in order to avoid relapses.

This is the period when a person needs as much solid support and natural understanding as possible. In case, you have recently finished your treatment, be sure that your new personality does perfectly fits into this world. Do not be afraid of social life. People would appreciate you just because this is you, no matter how much time you have spent in the rehab. You are even more beautiful, gracious and mature than you used to be before the rehab.

Remember that you might get free addiction help from AddictionResouce or from your family, friends, and even colleagues and it could be even more effective than talking to strangers, but only if you open your heart and mind to the closest ones. They are not going to shame you, they are eager to help.

Continuing support out of the rehab

It is true that becoming a new person without backsides might be quite complicated after being in a treatment center. However, your life is not being erased during therapy. You do not have to achieve everything from scratch. The thing that you need is just some patience and inspiration to continue living a happy life.

Rehab graduators often face the problem of loneliness, they do not believe that people would treat them decently. In fact, this feeling of unworthiness is dangerous, because it might provoke the relapse. If you have fear about being accepted and supported, there are some tips on where to get the support.

You can get such support in any center for psychological care. Except for free substance abuse programs, the government provides citizens with a number of helplines. A great part of them works around the clock, so you might call any time you need to speak to somebody.

If you see that your need for such help is growing, do not hesitate to consult a private therapist on an ongoing basis. Specially designed clinics can provide you with individual therapy when it goes not only about detoxification in physical meaning but also about emotions. You might be recommended to go under cognitive behavioral therapy, or just to relax by means of special techniques, including mindfulness, equine-assisted therapy, meditation, art therapy, and so on.

Clinics would also provide you with check-ups, both on physical and mental health. Doctors would keep a close watch on your progress and give recommendations to improve your well-being.

Challenges that rehab graduators face

  1. Friends: where to put the old ones and where to get new ones?

Maintaining sober might be a difficult task in modern society. People try to convince you that one wine glass will not change your world. However, in your case, it will. Here comes the moment, when you have to take much pain to analyze and thoroughly choose the circle of people to communicate with. Getting out of rehab means that you can no longer go out with the friends that drink every other day, or those, who take dope. You cannot chill out in the smoking-room anymore.

After finishing your rehabilitation program, try to find a support group, at least in any of the free rehab centers that exist in, probably, every city. Find some new friends, who used to live through the same experience as you did. They would have a tacit understanding with you. It is easier to communicate with people, who understand your experience. Try to spend some time together, whether this is a cricket, a visit to a gallery, or attending free drug and alcohol classes.

  1. Family: how to overcome past bitterness and reach a sympathetic understanding?

In case, you feel uncomfortable and believe your family lacks understanding you, ask them to visit support groups for those, whose relatives used to be addicted. If that is not possible because of any reason, ask them to volunteer with you at a free drug rehabilitation center or provide some free help for alcoholics depending on the problem that you had. It is also important to remember that your addiction might as painful for your beloved ones as it was for you.

They might go through a number of challenges and rueful feelings because they, firstly, might lose your support and attention. Secondly, they might be afraid of helping you and lack of knowledge how to behave not to harm you. Thirdly, they simply might not know how to overcome the stress. Therefore, it is important to speak to your family openly and in a blunt manner. This would help to reach mutual agreement and avoid unspoken words.

  1. Job: what to say during the interview and how to restore credibility?

Finding a job after treatment is a rehab could become a challenging task. The bitter truth is that not many companies are ready to hire a former drug or alcohol addict. However, this does not mean that you would stay unemployed. For the first time, it might be a tough time, so try to participate in, for example, a free addiction help program. Such volunteering would help both you and the other people. You would acquire more soft skills and it would be positively estimated in your CV.

Secondly, it is important to show that you are a professional and responsible person. Do not be afraid to attend a refresher course before applying for a job – this would serve as a sign of readiness for a successful career. Thirdly, do not lie about your problem. Your employer would understand that you might need some time to adapt after rehab and will give you the opportunity to have, for instance, a personal free drug guide.

To sum up, addiction is a terrible challenge in anybody’s life. However, all of us are able to cope with the problem. Humans are stronger than they usually think. Therefore, if you have already gone through all the circles of hell (meaning the process of detoxification and withdrawal elimination), it would be a piece of cake for you to be back on the full form into the social circles that you used to be. In any case, you have already done a great job and now you need to make the last step towards a sober life. Believe in yourself and be an inspiration for others!