In doing trauma therapy and my own deeper diving of personal development work, I’ve realized how many cyclical patterns I’ve repeated, and how much this applies to so many other people as well. The amount of people who identify with the…

  • “I stayed too long”
  • “I dreaded staying, but was scared of leaving”
  • “I wasn’t sure if I was worth something better”

And so many more excuses we tell ourselves about why we can’t release something. Sometimes it’s a big thing, like leaving a job, relationship, or home.

Let It Go, Walk Away, Breathe | Uncustomary

Sometimes it’s “small”, but can have just as big of an emotional toll in the moment, like unfollowing someone who was a huge support for you online for ten years and now doesn’t align with your values anymore. You feel like you’re betraying them by hitting that unfollow or unsubscribe button. Truth is, they probably won’t even know you’re gone.

That’s not to say you aren’t important or don’t matter. The reality is just that we *all* have our own shit going on. And if someone is constantly aware of who is unfollowing them every day they actually have way more stuff they need to work on.

Life hasn’t felt good as a whole lately. We want to be informed, we want to be active, we want to create change and act responsibly with the best and most up to date information as possible. But we can’t create change if all that information overload makes you stay in bed for three days in a row and have a breakdown, can we?

There needs to be a balance. If you need to change the channel, do it. I’ve stopped going on Facebook, because it’s just shitty news and people complaining. That app doesn’t make me feel good. I only go on there now intentionally to check the support groups I’m apart of, and it feels *so much better*.

If a good friend is someone you want to keep in your life, but they’re not social distancing and it’s providing you with anxiety, you can mute their Stories and Posts on Instagram. It’s easy and you can always undo it. And I bet in three days you won’t even notice they’re gone.

If you’re starting your day with news and other people’s bullshit instead of a morning routine, put your phone in the other room and start your day for *yourself*. Take phone breaks every day. Have a cut off at night to wind down and disconnect. Easier said than done, at first at least, but the hardest part of a habit is starting. The rest is rinse and repeat.

So what do you want to release today?

  • Can you do a cord cutting meditation?
  • Can you start to imagine forgiving someone?
  • Can you tap/do some EFT?
  • Can you write down everything bothering you and smash a plate in a safe place?
  • Can you scream into a pillow?
  • Can you join my monthly workshop?

In my Virgo Season Workshop, we’re going to be doing a live EFT/Tapping on releasing perfectionism and loving ourselves as we are, as well as a meditation on forgiving our past selves. It’s going to be intense and amazing! Join now!

You can even share what you want to release and we can brainstorm.