Labor Day Sale! | Uncustomary

Whether or not you get a long weekend, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend anyway! In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to offer a big sale on multiple products/services. Everything expires Monday at midnight PST. Enjoy…

+ 25% off your entire order * in my Etsy Shop with code “LABORDAY17”

+ $293 off the Uncustomary Premium Package

+ 40% off all ad banner sizes on my sidebar for however many months you choose

+ $10 off my signature e-course on self-love, Self-Love: The Key To Happiness with code “LABORDAY17”

+ $5 off my already inexpensive e-course on Body Positivity with code “LABORDAY17”

+ $1 off all the $3 e-courses ** in my classroom: Gratitude, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Self-Esteem with code “LABORDAY17” for all

+ $1 off the Basic Plan for Uncustomary Babe Membership


* Etsy sale excludes my book and workbook
** These courses are provided in a drip e-mail version for free, but by signing up in my classroom, you get access to all the material at once