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Kindness is a really important topic. I’ve found that the more you practice kindness, the easier it becomes. Am I always kind? Absolutely not. It’s almost impossible to be. As people, we get angry and upset, and sometimes we take that out on other people. It’s usually inadvertent, and sometimes we’re not even blatantly mean, but being wrapped up in your own negative thoughts and feelings can make it difficult to have positive and genuine interactions with others.

We’re not obligated to be nice to anyone. We don’t have to show kindness to our significant others, pets, family, or strangers, so why should we? We should be kind to promote altruism and future positive experiences. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Pay It Forward philosophy, where one person does a good deed and that person does a good deed, and it continues to spread. The truth is, when we’re on the receiving end of kindness, our moods improve and we have a better feeling about the world. Feeling good about humanity and our own lives increases the likelihood of us being kind to others. It’s a beautiful circle of self-fulfillment.

As optimistic as I am about the future and everyone being kind to everyone else, the truth is that isn’t the case as of right now. I recognize that some people aren’t practicing kindness, which is one of the reasons that I try to do multiple kindness missions. I figure that if I can do a little more than my part, that I’m making up for people who haven’t figured out the benefits of random acts of kindness yet. This week, I did a few kindness missions in honor of this link-up, that I’d like to share with you.

+I used some extra large sticky notes to write quotes on, and place them in public areas. There were twelve quotes total, and I added QR codes to my blog to some of them. (I’d love to know if you found me by using the bar code!)

+ I left quarters in toy vending machines for kids (or fun adults) to find later

+ I struck up a conversation with my hair stylist (which is something I’m usually really bad at)
+ I held doors open for people, even though it’s been freezing
+ I let people go in front of me in line

If you’re interested in past kindness missions, feel free to scroll through the archives. Three cheers for random acts of kindness!