Happy July!!
At the end of every month (so far) this year I have asked people to tell me things that were fabulous, made them happy, or they consider to be highlights from that month. I’ve been keeping logs of it in my Happy Journal and today I want to share some of my favorite items of the lists from my friends, coworkers, and penpals. [Here’s the first three months.] Can you spot yours?
+ eating chocolate for breakfast
+ Vegas
+ went to eleven different beaches
+ old men with stories
+ I remembered I like frisbees
+ cherry blossoms
+ hitting ten podcasts
+ made my own strawberry syrup
+ a little girl saying a tulip garden in Brooklyn was the most beautiful garden she’d ever seen


+ I went to a Renaissance Fair for the first time


+ crazy drunk nights/binging on poptars and hot cheetos


+ running my 5K


+ days off work
+ extraordinary dance movements
+ getting a SMASH book
+ Neil Gaiman’s commencement address
+ hiking through the forest to se e different waterfalls in the pouring rain
+ I am finally starting a watercolor project


+ I learned I liked yoga
+ I learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron
+ rollerskating around a ska band
+ stealing fries off someone else’s plate
+ painting my dining room chairs red


+ a glorious trip to the zoo with a new friend
+ bike rides through sprinklers
+ sunshine
+ remembering why to smile
+ watching a pair of birds building their nest in my courtyard
+  I met a beautiful dog named Bella, but did not move in with her. Her human was wearing a Kid Rock t-shirt. I think I made the right decision getting my own place.
Thanks to everyone who sends me your lists. They make me happy just to read them. Remember you can always send me your list on the last day of each month via any form of communication. 🙂 I hope your July gets off to a great start!

And a little of The Decemberists to get you humming “July” to yourself all day. 🙂