Self-love is a journey, and it can be a difficult one. That is why every single success, no matter how big or how small, is important. Documenting it through photos, journal entries, and even video updates can help you keep on track and help you monitor your progress. Not only will this allow you to self-reflect, but it can also be used to celebrate your life and all the beautiful memories you make along the way.

If you are on a journey towards self-love, document it:

The Power of the Self-Portrait

Selfies are pervasive throughout society, for better or for worse. They can be used to fuel vanity or to help validate your self-love journey. There are so many stories of powerful women who have found ways to love who they are by creating a community of supporting and loving followers. You don’t, however, have to share your self-portraits with the world and can instead keep them private. Self-portraits allow you to take control of how you look, which, in turn, can help you not only feel beautiful but feel more in control of your image.

The Power of the Digital Journal

Writing in a traditional journal is useful for keeping memories, but it isn’t useful for documenting your self-love journey. That is because the value of documenting your journey is comparing how you are today with how you were in the past. Using digital journals can help you compare, side-by-side, how you felt and reacted. This way you can keep track of your progress.

The Power of a Video Blog

Vocalizing how you feel has power. From affirmation positivity into your life to simply forcing you to put words to your emotions. Try out video blogs, and you can keep an audible diary that does more than document, but helps you process.  

Tips to Help You Protect Your Data

Self-reflection is key to moving forward and becoming a better, happier you, but you cannot do that if the hard drive you’ve been storing all your files breaks. If that does happen, don’t panic, you can hire computer forensics Washington DC experts to help you retrieve your missing data. With a 96% success rate, you’re sure to get your data back in no time. Once you do, it’s time to start practicing better methods to ensure you never lose your memories again. Back up copies of your files onto several hard drives and even online, and place them in different areas of your home (or give a copy to your parents to keep) to ensure your data is protected.  

No one person’s journey is the same, and there is no one better to learn from than your past self when it comes to improving who you are. Your self-image and self-worth cannot be tied to anyone else as it must come from within. Documenting your journey as you go can help you see your progress, and it can help you vocalize how you feel about yourself and about your day to day struggles. The more effectively you document and review your journey, the better you can direct your efforts towards the right path.