I’m really excited about this episode. Janice is my longest, oldest friend. She is also very tall and older than me so it works either way. This episode was a blast to do, because I genuinely love spending time with her, and I also learned a lot.

Honestly, I think I’ve always put psychic work a little bit on a pedestal of being unattainable or super far out there. It’s not that I don’t believe in it, but the way my brain works, having the definitions and tangible examples of everything brought down to earth and explained made it seem really reasonable.

For me, I realized a lot of the stuff I can do already, like seeing auras is already psychic work. It’s just another name for it. You might find that out, too!

You might not believe in psychic work, spirit guides, mediumship, ghosts, but I want to let you know that it isn’t all or nothing. It’s à la carte, just like life! There are definitely all sorts of areas you can tap into. If you can buy into the idea that someone can read energy or chakras, then you’re already here. It’s all just different stuff.

And what was really fascinating to me was how psychic guidance really is just another way to coach someone. I obviously study psychology and work as a life coach, and the amount of parallels I found between working with an informed, ethical, no bullshit psychic and a good coach or therapist was astounding to me.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how much of this I had resistance towards until we had a long ass conversation about it. So I invite you to listen in, too!

Bio: Janice is a nurse, advocate, artist, and psychic medium. She loves sparkles, fun and nature and learning. She tries to live by the ancient philosophy of ‘do no harm but take no shit’. She has many soapboxes advocating for a wide range of topics including: abolition, the unhoused, people with substance use disorder, public health, trans people, equity and anti-racism, mental health, democracy, land back, and others. She loves scary movies, special effects, and Halloween.

She just started doing readings professionally, and I’m so excited for her. This month in the Merriment Makers we’re talking about Magic and I’m releasing this on the Scorpio New Moon, so it’s all very perfect.

Janice's Ghost: The No Bullshit Psychic | Uncustomary

In this interview you’ll find out:

  • What it actually means to be a psychic
  • What the difference is between psychic work, energy readings, and spirit guides (if there is any!)
  • What four spirit guides I have with me as a result of Janice doing a live reading on me
  • When Janice found out she had the ability to be a psychic and we find out something LIVE we never knew we shared!
  • What kind of boundaries Janice has had to create after beginning to exchange her psychic services for money
  • What kind of access you might have to certain “levels”, so to speak, of psychic abilities whether or not you’re innately energetically psychic
  • How Merriment Making, self-love, and joy plays into energy work
  • The dichotomy between magic and science, if there is one, especially through the lens of Janice being a registered nurse
  • How to spot red flags with people in spiritual or energetic practices who are actually trying to scam you
  • The parallel and overlapping value systems between coaching, therapy, personal development, and psychic work and ultimately how the practitioners are there only to be a facilitator and guide for your personal development



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The reading includes receiving guidance via a combination of Janice’s psychic gifts and abilities. These include her ability to visualize your aura and the energetic centers; to communicate with spirit guides; to communicate with those who have passed on; and to do remote energy work and healing.


Find Janice at Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok: @ janicesghost

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