Life is busy. You have work; you have friends, you have hobbies, you have needs, you have responsibilities – the list truly does go on and on. Even if we are doing nothing, we are still doing something, whether it’s scrolling our phone or watching television, far too many of us have lost the ability to sit down and focus. Instead, we check our emails every hour, or we scroll news feed after news feed. Even being social on our phones is hurting is in one way or another. We need to make time for ourselves so that we can slow down and truly relax, and you can only do that by following these steps.

Improve Your Meals

While it is unrealistic to expect that you completely disconnect and live more slowly on your downtime, you can absolutely take it in steps. One of the most rewarding steps to take is to improve your meals. Not only is slowing down and taking the time to prepare a meal a great way to relax, but it also provides an immediate reward. You can try new dishes and branch out with a delicious meal such as pork fajitas. If you really want to improve your meals, of course, invite friends over and cook together. It’s a great way to slow down, spend time together, and enjoy a meal with the people that you love most.  

Improve Your Daily Routines

The best way to make time for yourself is to better your ability to function throughout the day. To accomplish this, you will need to better your routines. Not only will these improved routines give you more energy and actually improve your overall health, but they are also great for your wellness as well. To start, focus on your bedtime routines. Pamper yourself every night before bed. Change your sheets and even your mattress so that you feel great getting into bed every single night. Wake up at the same time, have the same routines, give yourself time to carefully pick out an outfit and to make a proper breakfast – these routines better your life and provide you with more natural energy, meaning you can enjoy your day and have more free time as a result.

Slow Down For A Happy Life

When you are on your downtime, however, it’s time to slow down. Get off your electronics for a few hours at least and instead focus on hobbies and projects that allow you to slow down and focus. Reading, knitting, painting, working out – these are all great ways to build up your attention span and to slow down. If you don’t have that much free time, use it to cook better meals. Put on nice music, enjoy the scents as you cook, and make the entire experience a pleasurable one.

Life’s joy is in the little things, so make sure that you enjoy your routines. Pamper yourself before bed and make your mornings the time you treat yourself with fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will feel. Slow down and disconnect, and you can make more meaningful connections with your everyday life.