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Instagram Is Curated | Uncustomary

So remember that photo I posted of the pink balloons I had tried to turn into a heart? That was like a whole thing.

We had been shooting all day and it was the last picture we had to get. I was tired and hungry and frustrated, and definitely ready to be done for the day. The balloons just wouldn’t look heart-shaped and I was like, “That’s it. I don’t care! It’s a shape of something, let’s go home!” And then I drank tequila straight out of the bottle and Maura snapped this very real (and hilarious) photo of what it’s like behind the scenes of getting all those pretty Instagram shots.

Instagram Is Curated | Uncustomary

Remember that social media is a place where most people curate content. You should never ever ever compare yourselves to someone you don’t know online. You have no idea what’s going on if you were to pan the camera out ten inches.

Photos: Maura Housley